There are many tourist destinations within a six hour drive of Windsong Manor.  Here is of some of those destinations along with the distance and travel times.  We are also including a link to websites so you can see what there is to do once you get there.

Smith Falls, ON                50 km   .5 hour      

Perth, ON                         55 km   .75 hour    

Merrickville, ON              60 km   .75 hour   

Westport, ON                    90 km   1 hour        

Alexandria Bay, NY          94 miles 1.75 hours

Kingston, ON                    145 km 2 hours     

Algonquin Park                210 km 2.5 hours    

Toronto, ON                     385 km 4.25 hours    

Mont Tremlant, QC         485 km 2.25 hours

Montreal, QC                   240 km 2.5 hours  

Lake Placid, NY                167 miles 3.25 hours

Muskoka, ON                   340 km   4 hours    

Quebec City, QC              485 km 5 hours   

Niagara Falls, ON             510 km   5.25 hours    

So happy travels to you.