House 2Our guests ask many questions about Windsong Manor.  We figured that perhaps potential future guests might be interested in the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

How old is the home?   The house was custom built in 1976.  It has had several owners over the years.

What style of architecture is the house?  The house is a typical Georgian style home.  Identifying features:

  • A simple 1–2 story box, 2 rooms deep, using strict symmetry arrangements
  • Panel front door centered, topped with rectangular windows (in door or as a transom) and capped with an elaborate crown/entablature supported by decorative pilasters
  • Cornice embellished with decorative moldings, usually dentilwork
  • Multi-pane windows are never paired, and fenestrations are arranged symmetrically (whether vertical or horizontal), usually 5 across

How long have you lived in the home?  Peter and Debbie moved to 1342 Corkery Road in October, 2009.  They did not envision the eventuality of opening a B&B when they moved in.  They got the idea from a friend visiting one day, and decided to follow through.  What guests love about our set up is how the guest space is totally separate from the owner’s quarters.  Guests say how they feel so at home in the guest spaces.

When did Windsong Manor B&B open?  The B&B was opened in Fall 2014.

Are you open year round?  Yes as Ottawa as something to offer everyone year round.  We are lucky to have an awesome person to help us out.  Some guests may have met Barb Wallingford.  She helps out with breakfast on weekdays, and greets the occasional guest when Peter and Debbie cannot.

Did you renovate the house before opening the B&B?  The B&B part was pretty much as you see it.  We only put in French doors to downstairs lounge and dining room.  We did put locks on certain doors.  The big renovation was the basement.  We put in a master suite with ensuite bathroom and that is where Peter and Debbie sleep.  The games room (which guests can access) is also in the basement.

Is the pond natural?  The pond is man-made.  It was put in to deal with spring season flooding.  In the drier months of the summer it will dry right up.

What kind of wildlife does the pond support?  In the spring there are a multitude of frogs of all kinds.  We also get the occasional ducks and Canada geese.  One year a muskrat made the pond his home.  Deer can often be seen around the pond area.

Can you swim in the pond?  The pond is very shallow and you would actually get skin problems from even just wading in the water.  We did clear the snow of the pond one winter and skated on it.

Are you on town water and sewer?  No; we are on a well and septic system.  This is important to note as you have to be careful to only flush human waste and toilet tissue (anything else can block the septic system).

How is the house heated?  The house is heated with an oil furnace.  The water is heated with electricity.  There is no access to natural gas on Corkery Road.

How much property do you have?  Windsong Manor sits on a total of four acres (lot size is 200 feet x 800 feet).

How long does it take to cut the lawn?  It takes about 2 hours to cut; but more like 3 or 4 if you include trimming.

How do you keep the driveway clear of snow in the winter months?  We contract a plow service to ensure our guests can access the driveway anytime.

I understand you are pet friendly.  Are there any special rules about pets.  Yes, pets are only allowed in the Chinook room.  We do charge $15.00 extra per pet as we find there is always extra cleaning required after a pet has stayed with us.

How many people does the hot tub fit.  Four very comfortably, six is cozy and more than eight is okay if everyone knows each other very well.

Do you have pets?  We got two new kittens in June 2016.  They are sisters, Minnie and Daisy.   Minnie quite often likes to say hello to the guests in the morning when they are having breakfast.   We adopted a five year old cat in June 2017.  His name is Frank.  He is super friendly, but do not encourage him at the breakfast table — he is quite the scrounger.   You also might spot a ferile black and white scruffy looking cat, who we nicknamed Mango.  He occasionally comes for a meal at Windsong Manor.  He is quite the survivor as he has been coming around for over four years now.